Monday, April 04, 2011

Boring Classes Provoke Creativity :)

You know how torturing it can be when u're in some boring class n waiting for the time to pass.

This was exactly what i encountered in today Credit Man's class.

The lectures were severely boring becuz of the lecturer's monotone voice.

Sometimes I'm not even sure that he has finished his sentence onot (keeps talking Bla-Bla-Bla).

I usually end up doodling over the entire class hour like this one.

Did the same again in Credit class today.

The lecture just damn boring to the extent that all my creativity had been provoked.

Share wif u some of my so-called artistic drawing I doodled today:

Inspired by the recent famous game - Angry Bird.

Turns out, sometimes it can be a Happy Bird too :p

Go Go Power Ranger!!!

I miss those days when Power Ranger conquered the kids world.

It may be very shallow, but when i was a kid, i just loved it to death.

Yeah baby, so nostalgic!!!

To match the rangers, here come the modern version sailormoon.

Lastly the passionate doodle:

Love feels right when u meet the right person :)

Another lame post, LOL.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Once upon a Prom

Whenever frens of mine from other UNIs mention the words - Prom/Course Nite, i would automatically pull a face.

This is simply becuz I hadnt been to one b4.

Much to my delight, last 2 weeks, I finally got the chance to go to Prom.

It was organized collectively by a group of students from tradewinds (if i'm not mistaken).

There isnt any theme for the prom i guess, just got to know it's a masquerade, so I supposed we have to wear a mask or sth.

For the event, we paid RM65 each person.

Quite costly rite! but no surprise, inflation again.

Wat to do?

I already in my last semester, and this is like the oni chance i have to go to a prom and brag abt it infront of my snobbish frens mentioned earlier.

Considering losing face is a very important issue in my culture (LOL),

I just followed my gang and went for it.

Prom Menu~~more like chinese style, so are the performance.

During the game session between the Prom King n Queen nominees.

Keith and his partner.

and some ridiculous pics of us with the mask.

Pic #1:

Hami n I.

What conclusion can u draw from Pic #1?

Answer: People get more handsome with the mask on :p

Pic #2:

Again, people get prettier with the mask on.

Just teasing, she doesnt look bad without mask:

Bee and her lovely roommate-XinYee.

Pic #3:

The infamous Don Juan-4.

In cantonese, we call this 4-Ham-Sap-Lou.

Pic #5:

Group photo of us with mask on.

Xin Yee obviously knows how to steal the spotlight,

she's fitting in by standing out with that Fugly mask, LOL.

Of course there are other regular pics of me and my coursemates:

Here we are, sitting at the same table :)

The indian guy standing behind was the emcee that nite.

He is definitely one of the emcees that u can find in this uni that rocks and doesnt suck.

The pretty and handsome Financiers~~all final year students.

Time really flies! and my last semester felt particular fast.

Cant believe I'm gonna say GOODBYE to all these fabulous people i met in this uni soon :((

Prom King & Queen of the nite:

wouldnt care much cuz I dont know either one of them, lol.

Personally, I would dub these two "The Prom King & Queen".

Just like the young version of Hugh Hefner with the bombshell:)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I wish I had VODKA right now

Roomate's asleep.
Drinking a full glass of wine that I smuggled into UUM.
Strangely enuf, I cant feel the alcohol at all.
I guess the 14% alcohol is not strong enuf to discard the unhappiness.
I wish I had Vodka right now.
Can no longer contain the unhappiness, feel like spilling it all out by tonight.
Somehow, "it" is taxing.
Very taxing, so much so that I feel like I'm being suffocated by my own world.
I wish I could turn back time.
To the days when ......

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Fav tweets for 2011

Check out my favourite tweets for 2011,

"Happy New Year! Starting this year, my MV husband will become my real life husband."Ayu_19980408

"Things are gonna change in 2011 I'm gonna have a beautiful wife :) " Mannie69

So glad to read the headline today that my teen idol - Ayumi's engaged to Austrian model Manuel Schwarz.

I believe, "All shall be well, and Manuel shall have Ayu"
Hope to c this couple tie the knot soon.


Even though I'm not a christian or any of those things, I love gospel music.

Is it strange?

Well, maybe u might think so.

But personally I think good music should be accessible to everyone regardless of religion or any other concerns.

(I might just be enjoying the music and not paying much attention to the lyric)

I'm not sure how many versions of "Hallelujah" are out there, but to me, this is the best version I have ever heard so far.

Love the way Alexandra sings this song, kinda sad but at the same time full of hope and zest and so powerful.